Thoughts following the death of Aaron Swartz

I didn’t know Aaron and I have no special knowledge of his life or death. We were only fellow travelers, but I admired him a great deal and still do. Like he surely was for many people, in many ways he was the sort of person I hoped I could be but could not. I [...]

Occupation at 888 Turk

The way we occupy now: San Francisco occupation of a vacant building requests “drive-by fooding” because cops won’t let food in

I fired up Twitter this morning and found out about something pretty insane happening a few blocks from my apartment in San Francisco’s Tenderloin. Occupy SF protesters have apparently taken over a vacant building owned by the Catholic diocese. The police blockading the occupation of 888 Turk Street aren’t allowing food past the barricades, so [...]

Unimpressed Mother Jones meme

Unimpressed Mother Jones meme

I love the work I do at Mother Jones but sometimes I think it’s hard for us to clear the bar set by our namesake, Mary Harris “Mother” Jones. So I made this meme in the mode of Condescending Wonka: